3 Legitimate Typing Jobs from Home

It’s not a strange thing if many people prefer to simply work without leaving their homes. Many would certainly want to in fact, yet so many things are stopping them from doing so. One of these is the perception that such jobs are just impossible to obtain. That’s never true, as nowadays, there is an abundance of jobs that you can practically do from home for those who can use a computer. Such includes typing jobs from home.

There are so many typing jobs on the Internet, and they all cover a wide variety of subjects, paying based on the output that you have produced. Here are a few good examples of such online typing jobs from home for those who are curious:

Answer Questions

If you are familiar with Yahoo! Answers, then you should note that there are many similar sites on the Internet and some of them pay some good money. Sites like ChaCha and Mahalo for instance allow you to make money from answering just about any question there is, from simple ones like word definitions to more complex questions involving technical knowledge. Sites like Student of Fortune and Ace College Classes, on the other hand, are sites where you get paid for helping someone answer his or her homework.

These question and answer sites where you can get paid require nothing more than some real knowledge on various subjects. These sites often pay according to the potential helpfulness of the answer provided. For instance, you only get paid a few cents for answering mundane questions and you’ll end up getting paid a high amount for those that require more technical knowledge.

Encode Data for Data Management Companies

If you can endure long monotonous tasks in order to get paid some good money, then you should work as a data encoder for a web-based data management company. There are many such companies that hire independent contractors to do all the data encoding work for them. The work involved is practically data encoding, where you do nothing more than transfer information into the company’s database. The task is easy, but on the downside, it involves a large volume of information and thus, a lot of work.

Most data management companies hire contractors for the short term. In other words, the data entry clerk can only work for them in a short amount of time. The length of employment would then be determined by the amount of data to be encoded.

Captcha Entry

If you are not afraid of straddling the thin grey line between legal and illegal work, you can try your hand at Captcha entry. Basically, you’ll be paid for contributing to the database of an automated Captcha entry software. You do this by installing your employer’s software and repeatedly logging into a website that uses Recaptcha or the like for log in security. The pay is small, but it will work well for fast typists.

These are just a few examples of all the work that you can avail of if you are looking to do online typing jobs from home. Most such jobs require nothing more than a computer, an Internet connection, and some good typing fingers.

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