Rewards from Paid Online Surveys

Many people who make money on the Internet will recommend paid online surveys as good sources of extra income. They are in no way wrong. There are so many online survey sites on the Internet, and all of these sites offer surveys that you can answer for a reward incentive. The rewards are often of low value, but this won’t be an issue if you can answer many surveys in a short period of time.

Unlike what many of you would like to think though, rewards from online surveys doesn’t always involve money. Different paid online surveys offer different rewards, and more often than not, it’s not cold hard cash. So what rewards can you possibly get from surveys on the web? Such are as follows:

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates may not be money, but often, it is seen as something as attractive as cash. Often, survey companies that offer money as reward incentives also offer their survey respondents the choice of getting gift certificates instead. Often, the latter is perceived as having a higher value than the cash reward so respondents will choose gift certificates instead. While some see this as a loss for the survey company, the opposite is actually true – the gift certificates are often bought in bulk and thus in highly discounted prices or are sponsored by another company.

Mystery Prizes

Some companies offer respondents secret prizes. Obviously, no one knows what the prize is, but the air of mystery can attract a good portion of Internet users. These secret prizes aren’t given as soon as you can answer a survey though, but is only rewarded after you have completed several survey questionnaires.

Point-Based Rewards

Sometimes, online survey companies utilize a point system to reward their respondents. In such cases, those who take the surveys are rewarded points for every survey they answer and at times for certain activities they do on the site. Most of the time, the points may be uniform for all surveys. Survey takers then gather these points and exchange them with the actual rewards. These rewards may either be money or other valuable items.

Plain Old Cash

Many companies simply offer money as a reward to people who respond to their surveys. This can be seen as an effective way to lure in respondents, as many people prefer earning money so they can augment their existing income. The amount paid always depends on the survey company though, and not all of them would pay a lot of money. As such, if you are invited into an online survey company that pays really high in a short period of time, consider the offer too good to be true – investigate first, and if you are roped into it, back out once you are asked to pay upon registration.

In any case, you should take note that paid online surveys don’t really pay regularly. This is because to answer a survey, you’ll have to meet a survey’s requirements for its target demographic, and it is very likely that you won’t qualify for many surveys in a short period of time. This is reason enough that you should sign up with multiple online survey companies instead of just one. Being registered to several survey sites simply mean that you’ll have a better chance of answering a survey, and thus, you’ll increase your chances of making money.

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