How to Make Money on Youtube as a Partner?

The Internet has so many different uses for so many different people. For some, it is an entertainment center where they play games and do other amusing activities; many others see it as just another means of telecommunication, connecting them to acquaintances and loved ones far and wide; some on the other hand make money straight out of the Internet. You can indeed earn money from the Internet. There are many online venues through which you can earn money, among which is the popular video sharing site YouTube. Now you may be asking, “How to make money on YouTube?”

Making money on YouTube is not that difficult, though it may appear complicated. However, it helps that you first understand how the website works if you are to make money from it. Here are the basics that you should know:

An Overview of YouTube

First off, let’s discuss just what YouTube is. Basically, YouTube is a video sharing site. This means that you can use the site to upload your videos and watch the videos other people have uploaded, in no particular order. The videos you upload can be made visible to just about everyone or just a few select friends.

YouTube is undoubtedly the mainstream version of its kind, kind of a Big Mac of video sharing websites. The statistics simply show this as a fact. You see, YouTube now contains over 120 million videos uploaded by its users. Its users in turn number around a staggering 300 million from all over the planet. This is potentially the maximum number of audience that your videos can possibly get.

Steps to Earn Money in YouTube

By now, you may be really edgy to learn how to make money on YouTube. You first start by creating your own YouTube account. You can do so by registering an account in Google, which will enable you to access YouTube’s member-exclusive features, which includes the whole video uploading part. Once you’re done with creating a Google account, you may then create a YouTube channel, or profile if you prefer. Now your channel is where you display your public information, upload your videos, and receive comments from other users.

To make money on YouTube, you first have to be popular. Now this doesn’t mean being on top of YouTube’s fame hierarchy, but simply getting enough devoted subscribers and watchers who view and like your video. The key to this is merely uploading videos interesting enough to garner subscribers, views, and likes. Once you get a sufficient number of positively voted popular videos and subscribers, you may then make an application to become a YouTube partner. If your partnership status is approved, you can then start earning through Google’s own ads served via AdSense.

Before you start earning through your YouTube videos, you should make it a point to learn more about how to make money on YouTube. Check the site’s FAQs and guidelines so you can understand making money as a YouTube partner better and maybe avoid screwing up.

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