Teaching How to Make Money: For Kids

Helping children learn about the necessity of money in our daily lives is an important though often overlooked task of every parent. The world certainly does not revolve around money, but it is the medium through which we acquire our needs in modern times. As such, young ones will truly benefit with learning that they have to work hard in order to get the money that they need, which in turn should get them what they want. There are many fun ways to impart the knowledge of how to make money for kids. Such are listed below.

Reward Them for Chores

One of the best ways to teach how to make money for kids can be found at home. This is far safer than sending them elsewhere to study how to earn cash. There are so many activities that you can do to inculcate upon your children the value of hard work from home, but the best and most productive would be to get them to do some simple chores for a small reward.

You can ask them to assist you with chores that you are doing. Such could be cleaning the dishes, washing the car, or doing the laundry. You can even ask them to do some less complicated tasks by themselves, like cleaning their room, dusting the floor, or watering the plants. Regardless of the task, you should always make sure that it is something that’s appropriate for their age and physiology. This will lessen the risks of incurring physical and emotional injuries.

You don’t always have to reward them with cash though; preschool kids who still can’t appreciate the value of money may be given sweets or play things. This will still inculcate upon them the mentality that work merits reward. Money and treats aside, you should also make it a point to teach them that the work’s result is also its own reward. This way, they’d also understand the value of volunteerism and not just subscribe to the idea that they should only do work where they can get a reward.

Start a Small Business

You should also consider teaching your children to do business. If you have more than one child, a good way to subtly do this is by bringing them with you when shopping for goods. Naturally, they’d have questions about how purchases are done and the like that you have to answer in terms that they understand. They’ll eventually start roleplaying this and learn more as time passes.

Alternatively, you can start a small business and teach your child how you operate it. You can bring the young one to your business establishment and allow him or her to assist you. Older children can be urged to start their own little enterprise, such as the stereotypical lemonade stand or a small accessories shop. Encourage them to do so with their friends so that they may be able to have fun.

When teaching how to make money for kids, don’t just end by teaching them that when they work, they get the money they need, and with that money, they get what they want. Teach them how to be efficient entrepreneurs as well, and that they should have fun making money.


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