Get Paid for Surveys, Not Pay for Scams

There are so many ways to earn money from the Internet, and answering online surveys is perhaps one of the most popular. This can be attributed to the fact that answering survey questionnaires is very easy, and that money from such effortless activity, no matter how small, is always good. Indeed, you get paid for surveys, as your opinion is important to companies conducting them, and doing so through other means are seen as less efficient.

It is unfortunate though, that there are so many survey scams that exist all over the Internet. Understandably, you don’t get paid for surveys like this, and as such should be avoided. However, all these fraudulent surveys are cleverly disguised to look like a legitimate one, and thus, many end up deceived.

It’s not that fake surveys are unavoidable though. There are always tell-tale signs that you should watch out for. These signs are pretty common to all survey scams, making it very unlikely for a victim to fall for these scams twice. In addition, these are very easy to recognize. Here are the signs that you’ll need to recognize in order to avoid being victimized by scams masquerading as online surveys.

The Survey is Too Good to Be True

There are surveys that entice you with promises of earning big money in a rather short amount of time. This surely is very attractive, especially when you consider the fact that surveys are rather easy and does not take a lot of time to complete. However, be wary of survey companies that try to persuade you with such offers.

For one, it is well-known that it’s hard to earn big with surveys, so many are resigned to that fact, treating online surveys as nothing more than a source of extra income. Also, it is very common for scammers to present their schemes with such lies, only to end up asking for your money at some point during the registration process. There are many people who failed to receive this warning, and thus end up handing over their cash and possibly sensitive personal information like credit card numbers as well.

Lack of or False Contact Information

Most con artists who run fake online surveys don’t display any contact information on their websites. Others meanwhile will put up fake phone numbers and emails. Thus, you should always scrutinize online survey sites that you want to sign up to and see if they have any working contact information. If you run across a blank contact page or the email and numbers you’ve just tested return an error message, then it’s time to be suspicious and investigate further, or just leave and find a more trustworthy site.

Anything that Makes You Pay is Fake

Online surveys where you can earn money in exchange for a bit of your time and opinion are all free. You are the one being contracted to answer surveys, so you don’t have to give anything as a pledge or the like. That said, we can say that survey companies that ask for money at some point is more or less a scam. You may choose to just ignore it or you can avoid jumping to conclusions and find an explanation for the fees instead, the lack of which would mean that you shouldn’t be dealing with that company anymore.

Survey scams will always exist no matter how many times scammers get jailed or reported. As such, it helps that you know how to detect them – you are the one who should be get paid for surveys and not the other way around.

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