Doing Data Entry Work from Home

A lot of folks do data entry work from home in order to earn their income. Data entry is basically translating information from one format to another like, say, transcribing a handwritten note into a company database. There are many benefits to the home-based variety of this work, which is what makes it rather favorable to many workers. Now if you are one of the many people interested in data entry, here are some things that you should first know about.

The Requirements to Do Home-Based Data Entry

If you find doing data entry jobs from home interesting, you should first know that there are quite a few requirements for this sort of job. First, you’ll obviously need a computer – a decent and up-to-date one that you can afford and not necessarily a high end model – and an Internet connection. These don’t have to cost you much, but it helps a lot if you invest in good hardware.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Data Entry Jobs

We can classify data entry jobs in two: traditional and non-traditional data entry jobs. Now if you’ve worked on administrative jobs as an administrative assistant or the like, it’s very likely that you have done some traditional data entry work. The work varies, and most of them can be quite simple, if not for the fact that you’ll need to work with large volumes of data. While traditional data entry jobs are done in offices, many people are also able to find such work online and thus are able to do them from home.

Now, non-traditional data entry is pretty much nothing more than filling up advertising forms then getting paid for it. The text you type will appear in advertisements, and you get paid for every sale generated by the advertisements you’ve filled in. This is practically affiliate advertising but is labelled data entry nonetheless. There are many data entry scams disguised as “non-traditional data entry”, asking you to pay in order to work. Back out once it asks for fees, upfront payment being a common sign of a scam.

Where can You Find Data Entry Work?

Data management is an integral part of any business, and for this, data entry clerks are in demand. There are many industries that employ stay-at-home data entry clerks, and here are some examples:

  • Insurance firms – These companies naturally have large databases containing information about their numerous beneficiaries. They’ll need data entry clerks to extend their manpower now and then, especially in events when they have to transfer data.
  • Online marketing companies – Such companies are the ones that offer “non-traditional data entry” jobs, which, as you now know is nothing more than affiliate marketing.
  • Health care providers and facilities – Hospitals and medical professionals often make use of online data entry clerks to transcribe handwritten or audio recorded medical data into their databases or simple spread sheets.

Working on data entry work from home is a great way to earn extra money. This may not pay as much as any regular work but it can still make you some good cash for relatively easy tasks.


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